Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee

The Durbar is a collectivization of 65000 sex workers, functions as an exclusive forum of female, male and transgender sex workers in West Bengal, India.

Welcome To Durbar

Durbar in Bengali word means unbeatable or unstoppable. It is pronounced as [doo - r - bar]. 

Durbar represents 65 000 sex-workers (Male, Female & Transgender) and is active in identifying and challenging the underlying socio-structural factors that help perpetuate stigma material deprivation and social exclusion of sex-workers.

Durbar is explicit about its political objective to establish the rights of sex workers. Durbar demands recognition of sex work as work and, of sex workers as workers. More...

The Durbar Principles  

Durbar since its inception articulated three interconnected principles which are known as 3R i.e., Respect, Reliance and Recognition.

Respect and dignity to sex work and towards sex workers

Reliance on the knowledge and wisdom of the community of sex workers. 

Recognition of sex work as an occupation and preserve and protect their occupational and human rights.

Durbar involves sex worker community in all decision-making process be it connected to Health or other development program. Durbar is active in forgiving broader alliances to promote health and with special reference to HIV intervention program which includes prevention, care and support.  More...


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